Mechanical Services

Consultation, Analysis, Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

Complications regularly arise in the industry where general fault finding is not able to solve complex issues.

Our training coupled with years of experience allows us to approach the intricate issues, diagnose the problem and provide technical and mechanical solutions.

Contact us for a consultation appointment to discuss the approach to find your solution.


Mechanical Services 

We offer extensive mobile repair and maintenance services for most heavy diesel and petrol vehicles, plant, equipment as well as fuel dispensers


Our mechanical capabilities is extended to people and business that require mechanical services to maintain and manage their assets.


Be it fuel dispensers, storage facilities, plant, vehicles or equipment - we can fix it.

Fuel Systems

Keeping up to date with the current systems being utilised in the industry allows us to provide an effective service efficiently.  

Being flexible allows us to tailor products to our client's needs as well as budget whilst still allowing maximum capacity and functionality .

Fuel systems includes fuel tanks, dispensers, piping and related equipment.


Fuel Dispenser Services

Our dispenser service includes the servicing, assessment, diagnostics and maintenance of various fuel pumps and fuel dispensers, not limited to:


Gilbarco, Dresser Wayne, Fillrite, Compact, FE Petro, Red Jacket, Gallagher, Transponder Technologies


Technical Services 

Our technical services is applied to retail fuel systems that utilises software for the distribution of fuel products.

Examples of these systems are: Postec, Transponder Technologies, OPT, etc.